Data Acquisition Systems - AEC Enterprises Inc.
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Data Acquisition Systems

At AEC we design and build custom Motor and Process Control Panels.

AEC offers a new line of data acquisition and temperature monitoring systems to fit your specific application. Our systems provide a wide range of simple temperature monitoring to advanced data acquisition solutions that can help your operator decide when and how certain actions should take place.


You can monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, and control your equipment from one location. Do you need to print a report on how long a specific product was in the dryer last week or last year? We will design a system solution to fit your specific needs.

Regardless of the drying system used, it is critical to regularly monitor drying temperatures, relative humidity, airflow rates, and moisture content of seeds in different parts of the bins. Corn inbreds have a range of sensitivities to drying temperature. Studies have found significant differences in the effect of drying temperatures on the warm and cold germination of different genotypes.


Applied Electronics – Data Aquisition Systems The AEC Dryer Monitoring System allows you to monitor and control a number of parameters, which affect seed drying, and drying rates. The system will monitor and collect temperature, humidity, air direction and air speed. From this data you can control the burner, predict drying rates and monitor the dryer so seed is not damaged from drying too fast or too slow.


The remote monitoring feature allows the operator to monitor all the parameters from a central location or at home.