Lab Shellers - AEC Enterprises Inc.
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Lab Shellers

Small & Medium Batch Sheller

AEC research shellers are known industry wide for efficient operation and gentle ear corn shelling. Germination testing shows no significant difference between hand shelling and the AEC batch shellers. Ear corn is shelled between a large central drum and rubber rollers which gently roll the corn off the cob. Once shelled, grain falls into a discharge hopper and cobs are removed through a discharge conveyor.

The machines are very user friendly and operate quietly. Single ears and batches can be shelled quickly and efficiently by a single person. There is virtually no carryover between samples and the sheller is easily cleaned out.


  • Designed for research stations and foundation seed
  • Small Batch Sheller capacity: Up to 60 bushels per hour or single ear capability Medium Batch Sheller capacity: Up to 200 bushels per hour
  • Factory installed heavy duty locking caster wheels
  • 10-second shelling cycle time from sample to sample (10-15 ears)
  • Excellent clean out capabilities with no carryover between samples
  • Adjustable shelling drum and rollers
  • Easy to service; rollers are removable through the side of the sheller
  • Rubber-coated rollers minimize seed damage
  • UL certified control panel with emergency stop button
  • Cob discharge height: 20″
  • Feed height: 36″
  • Heavy duty feed tray
  • Hour meter

Optional Equipment

  • Small Batch pneumatic seed & dust transfer system
  • Medium Batch external ear feed conveyor
  • Medium Batch extended shelled corn conveyor