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Dryer Monitors

Seed drying involves the transfer of moisture from the seed to the air around the seed. To accomplish this you must raise the temperature and lower the relative humidity of the air and pass it through the seed mass. If the temperature of the air is very high, the drying process may be too violent resulting in damage to the seed. Too low of temperatures will delay the drying process often resulting in damage caused by disease, insects and excessive respiration.

Ideal corn seed drying temperatures will vary depending on the genotype, harvest moisture and environmental conditions but typically range between 95º F and 113º F. The higher the initial moisture content, the more susceptible the seed is to drying damage. Therefore it is recommended that corn seed with 35 to 40 % moisture be initially dried at temperatures less than 107º F. When moisture content is lowered to 20% or less, drying temperatures may be increased up to 113º F to complete drying to the desired seed moisture content of 12 to 13%.


Regardless of the drying system used it is critical to regularly monitor drying temperatures, relative humidity, airflow rates, and moisture content of seeds in different parts of the bins. Finally, remember that corn inbreds have a range of sensitivities to drying temperature. Studies have found significant differences in the effect of drying temperatures on the warm and cold germination of different genotypes.

The Dryer Monitoring System allows you to monitor and control a number of parameters, which affect seed drying, and drying rates. The system will monitor and collect temperature, humidity, air direction and air speed. From this data you can control the burner, predict drying rates and monitor the dryer so seed is not damaged from drying too fast or too slow.


The remote monitoring feature allows the operator to monitor all the parameters from a central location or at home. For more information or a demonstration at your facility please contact us.