Fan Burner Units - AEC Enterprises Inc.
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Fan Burner Units

AEC is an industry leader in the manufacturing of highly efficient, safe, and easy to use fan burner systems. Pre-assembled fan burner packages provide many advantages over custom field built designs including ease of purchase, quick installation, higher levels of efficiency, improved documentation and professional technical support. AEC uses only the highest quality components and state of the art controls. Our units are modular and tested prior to shipment to reduce installation time and can be configured to meet local requirements. 

In addition to standard fan burner packages, we also provide gas trains, burners, and controls for conventional field assembled burner house designs. Standard preassembled gas trains are available for burners up to 30,000,000 BTU. Our shop is UL listed for flame management systems where we build and test standard and custom gas trains and fire control systems. AEC fire control panels feature a modulation system that is connected to the controller to safely and efficiently control the burner. An adjustable high temperature limit is incorporated to protect against overheating. In addition, pressure switches safeguard the gas train against excessive or inadequate gas pressure.


  • Industry leading fail safe safety features
  • Pre-assembled modular fan/burner packages
  • AMCA certified blowers
  • Multiple sizes, types and arrangements
  • Multiple motor sizes and blower wheel speeds
  • Natural gas, propane, fuel oil, or electric heat
  • Factory installed and tested gas trains and controls
  • Support for most international electrical supplies
  • Microprocessor based temperature controls
  • Split burners for maximum turndown available
  • Includes documentation and wiring schematics
  • Available telephone and on-site technical support
  • Designs for IRI, UL, CSA, and other standards
  • Custom paint available