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Receiving Equipment

Side Mounted Single Lids

  • Used for ear corn and other bulky products
  • Drive through access for large trucks
  • Permits opening truck prior to raising lid
  • Pre-assembled remote mounted hydraulic pump
  • Dual speed electric or manual controls
  • Adaptable to belt or vibratory conveyors
  • Optional dump channels for new or retrofit installation

Trucks drive between the link arms in the closed position then the rear doors of the truck can be opened prior to raising the lid. The linkage arms raise the lid from the closed position pouring the seed on top of the lid into the unloading conveyor. The lid continues upward into the top position where it serves as a backstop during the rest of the unload cycle. The lids are available either 5’-6’’ or 7’-6’’ width and standard lengths up to 14’-0’’.

End Mounted Double Lids

  • Used for shelled corn and other granular products
  • Rear, center, or side unloading trucks
  • Solid pit cover to reduce contamination
  • “Mass flow” unloading for dust controls
  • Open design eliminates plugged grates
  • Outlet hoppers with remote flow controls
  • Removable linkage access covers
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Adaptable to most types of unloading conveyors

End mounted lids are typically used for granular product receiving in lieu of conventional dump grates. The system consists of a bi-parting hydraulic dump lid located between two stationary linkage guards. The truck is centered over the lid and the linkage arms raise the doors to form stationary linkage guards. The truck is centered over the lid and the linkage arms raise the doors to form a Vshaped hopper enclosed on all four sides. This eliminates the wooden frames typically used to enclose most open receiving grates and permits “mass flow” unloading on hopper bottom and similar trucks. Electrical hopper controls provide remote operation of dump lid position and material flow rate. A variety of hopper styles are available to adapt the dump lids to different unloading conveyors.

In addition to the designs shown, we also fabricate many traditional styles of unloading doors, pit grates and dump hoppers to suit specific requirements.