Shellers and Precleaners - AEC Enterprises Inc.
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Shellers and Precleaners

Used in seed corn production facilities throughout the world, the AEC series of production Shellers are the industry standard. No other Sheller can compete with our level of production with so little seed damage. Our Shellers are built to last and are easily maintained.

The inlet surge hopper is filled with dried ear corn and the sheller rotor automatically draws product into the bar cage. Gentle processing of product is accomplished by corn-on-corn and corn-on-cob shelling action. Shelled corn exits through the bottom of the sheller and the cobs from the cob discharge door.


AEC style precleaners utilize an integrated ball rack style screen system. Seed is first passed over a set of scalping screens and then flows over a set of sifting screens. Multiple aspiration ports allow for excellent removal of dust and fines. Multiple precleaner set-ups are available to fit in all types of sheller buildings. Custom screen perforations are also available.