Industrial Control Panels - AEC Enterprises Inc.
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Industrial Control Panels

AEC is a UL listed panel shop, and panels are built to UL and NEC specifications. 


All control panels include complete manuals with detailed schematics and field wiring drawings on CD. 


AEC offers custom drafting services. We can create drawings from ideas, or re-create existing drawings into an AutoCAD format.

• Motor controls
• Motor starters
• Variable speed drives
• Soft start controllers
• Servos
• PLC’s
• HMI’s
• Encoders
• Speed Sensors

• Seed hauling and processing
• Grain Dryers
• Chemical applications
• Material handling
• Conveyor systems
• Food Processing
• Water treatment facility
• Well pump control
• Plastic extrusion
• Feed Mills
• Rock quarry
• Machine control
• Part identification and quality control